GB Stamps, Errors & Flaws

Great Britain Stamps & Errors 

 Best Opportunity for Enhancing and adding to your Stamps Collections with  these Errors, Flaws & Varieties.

Errors and Flaws on Stamps have spots, blotches, scratches, repairs, retouches, patches, badly cut booklet panes, broken numbers & letters, missing colour, colour shifts and overprints on booklet covers.
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A picture paints a thousand words
Booklets Stamps Errors
UMFB11-xe8 R1 S2 Background Repair Rear of Neck
New Error -

 R1 S2 Background Repair Rear of Neck. 
Similar to SG: UMFB11Ag

Commemoratives Flaw
New Error - 1142_618_xe3 

Xmas1980 17½p Three Colours shift Downwards.
Red and White Berries.

Definitives Error
U161 X878
New Error - U161 X878

R8 S20 Vertical Broad Dark Patch from Hair to Dress U161 X878

Many newly discovered Errors & Flaws are from:
Vending & Counter booklets, 
Definitives & Commemorative sheets, 
Non Value Indicator (NVI) booklets and Used stamps.
This collection of errors is from 1974 with QE2 Decimal stamps. After scrutinising thousands of stamps from all sources, Errors & Flaws were found and documented.
Colour Shifts in stamps can make lipstick to be on nose, cheek or chin, Split twigs, create shadows and much more humorous results.
Many Errors & Flaws are newly discovered and have not been seen until now.
These errors are vintage and rare as well.

According to MBPC, there are 4 types of flaws on stamps:
V - Large Visible flaw seen by the naked eye.
B - Small but readily seen by the eye
C - Very small which are seen with a magnifying Glass up to 10x
D - Minor flaws and specks