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GB Stamps Errors is the only Website and Shop that informs the collectors about exquisite details of the imperfections in Queen Elizabeth Decimal stamps issues from 1973 to 1993

 Best Opportunity for Enhancing and Adding these Errors, Flaws & Varieties to your Stamps Collection

Errors and Flaws on Stamps have: spots, blotches, scratches, repairs, retouches, patches, badly cut booklet panes, broken numbers & letters, missing colour, colour shifts and overprints on booklet covers.
These are shown with full details in our Online Shop.

A picture paints a thousand words
Booklets Stamps Errors
UMFB11-xe8 R1 S2 Background Repair Rear of Neck
New Error -

 R1 S2 Background Repair Rear of Neck. 
Similar to SG: UMFB11Ag

Commemoratives Flaw
New Error - 1142_618_xe3 

Xmas1980 17½p Three Colours shift Downwards.
Red and White Berries.

Definitives Error
U161 X878
New Error - U161 X878

R8 S20 Vertical Broad Dark Patch from Hair to Dress U161 X878

Many newly discovered Errors & Flaws are from:
Vending & Counter booklets, 
Definitives (Machins) & Commemorative sheets, 
Non Value Indicator (NVI) booklets and Used stamps.
This collection of errors are from 1973 with QE2 Decimal stamps. After scrutinising thousands of stamps from all sources, these Errors & Flaws were found and documented.
Colour Shifts in stamps can make lipstick to be on nose, cheek or chin, Split twigs, create shadows and much more humorous results.
Many Errors & Flaws are newly discovered and have not been seen until now.
These errors are vintage and rare as well.

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