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GB Stamps, Errors & Flaws

GB Commemoratives: Errors, Flaws & Varieties

United Kingdom Commemorative stamps came in Sheets , Miniature Sheets, Prestige and Greetings Booklets. These too had many errors & flaws.

The colour shifts occur during printing process of the stamps. These errors and flaws vary a lot. 
The ones shown here have made a difference. The colour shift changes the appearance of the original picture.  For Example: 
Yellow flowers have green colour on it, Horses have multiple ears and Reins. On other stamps you see: Split Twigs, Lipstick out of place, Collar shift etc. All these shifts and variations are explained in our online shop with images.

Commemoratives Xmas 1980

Below are the errors & flaws which will gives information. Some of the Newly Discovered (ND) Flaws in Booklet Stamps.

ND - MS1099_xe9 
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Lady near the post office  counter has large pinkish white patch on her dress

ND - X1079 557 xe
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Flowers Yellow shift downwards 

ND - X1087 565 xe
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Horses Colour Shift

Due to many Varieties and Flaws:  Deegam, Modern British Philatelic Circle (MBPC), Machine Collectors Club (MCC) and Stoneham (STN) also contributed. To summarise their contributions:
Ribbed Gum (Connoisseur Catalogue.
Phosphor Bands varieties e.g. Short bands. Inset Bands (Deegam Catalogue).
Reference Numbers for Booklets and Panes (MBPC, MCC Catalogue, Deegam & Stoneham Catalogues ).
Perforation Types for panes and margins (MBPC, MCC Catalogue, Deegam & Stoneham Catalogues).
Screened Values (Connoisseur Catalogue).

In addition to above, during printing of stamps, phosphor bands shifted to the right or left. 
Our online shop have all the images of the Errors,  Flaws and Varieties. 

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