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GB Stamps, Errors & Flaws

 Errors, Flaws and Varieties in Queen Elizabeth ll Stamps of Great Britain

Booklets: Errors, Flaws & Varieties

I have been an avid collector of Stamps from 1960 to 1993. After scrutinising many booklets, I found Errors, Flaws and Varieties in them. The Booklets are from Queen Elizabeth ll decimal stamps from 1973. These I have catalogued. Many are unique!

1p Background Repair

Some of the Newly Discovered (ND) Flaws in Booklet stamps are shown Below:

ND: S16 Phosphor
S16 Two Short Top Bands

Two Short Bands At Top

ND: UMFB49-xe24
Two White Marks Error

PPPI, B35 B2, WR

ND - UMFB14-xe4 
Seif of  loop of 2 Error

 R1 S2 2P Serif on Loop of_p

ND: UMFB15-xe4
Placeholder Picture

R3 S2 White Retouch above Necklace

Due to many Varieties of Flaws:  Deegam, Modern British Philatelic Circle (MBPC), Machine Collectors Club (MCC) and Stoneham (STN) also contributed. To summarise their contributions,:
1. Ribbed Gum (Connoisseur)
2. Phosphor Bands varieties e.g. Short bands. Inset Bands (Deegam)
3. Reference Numbers for Booklets and Panes (MCC, Deegam & Stoneham)
4. Perforation Types for panes and margins (MCC, Deegam & Stoneham)
5. Screened Values (Connoisseur)

Stamps have 4 types of flaws on them according to MBPC: 
V - Large Visible flaw seen by the naked eye.
B - Small but readily seen
C - Very small which are seen with a magnifying Glass up to 10x
D - Minor flaws and specks

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