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First Class 95p
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Royal Mail's (RM) greatest changes to Non-Value Indicator (NVI) to Defininive (Machins) from 31st March 2022

This is due to RM's new machin barcoded NVI and normal stamps which are in circulation.
NOTE: Machin and Definitives are the same

1st Class Barcoded stamps
2nd Class Barcoded stamps

What happens to Machin NVI and Normal value stamps that I have?

All is not lost.
From 31st March 2022 you will be able to swap unused non-barcoded Definitives (Machins) and NVIs with new barcoded stamps.

What about NVI's in Special issue packs?

These are not affected by these changes, so those of you who use special stamps as postage stamps will still be able to do so after January 2023. They will not be part of the Swap Out scheme.

What about NVI Christmas and Greetings stamps?

NVI Christmas stamps are being barcoded starting this year.
However, in a change of plan Royal Mail has announced that old, non-barcoded NVI Christmas stamps will remain valid after January 2023.

What happens to NVI Pre-Printed Stamped Envelopes (PPS)?

All PPS, since their inception, will be valid after January 2023.

I had sent an email to Royal Mail and they have replied.

How does the swap out scheme work?

You will need a Swap Out form to exchange your unused non-barcoded stamps. These will be available from 31st March at Customer Service Points, the Royal Mail website and from Royal Mail’s Customer Experience team.

Can I get the swap out form from the post office?

Swap Out forms will NOT be available from Post Offices.

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