Errors in QE ll Decimal Stamps Article

Stamps-Errors - Article on what errors have been discovered by  me, the Seller, in the Booklets, Commemoratives and Definitives sheets, Rowland Hill Miniature Sheets, Coils, NVI Booklets and many others. Besides that the General collection is also being catalogued.

The Order of cataloguing and inserting in the Shop is in the following order:

  1. Errors and Flaws from Machine Vending, Counter, NVI, Greetings and Prestige Booklets.
  2. Definitives from Sheets.
  3. Commemoratives from Sheets.
  4. Miniature Sheets.
  5. Coils and Setenent.
  6. FDC and Used Stamps.

Finally I will do the PHQ, FDC, Presentation Packs, Yearly Packs, NVI Booklets, Cylinder and Warrant Numbers.

The Flaws and Errors shown in the GB Stamps and Errors Shop are unique. Many of you collectors will dig deep into your collection and see if you have them.

Flaws in GB Stamps, Errors in GB Stamps.

The list of Categories will increase as stamps appear in the shop.

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Errors in GB Stamps Shop

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