ND Errors: 12p R3 S1 Two White spots Left of Bust.

Perf Margin = E1,  Perf = Extra Fine,  Pane Stamps: PPPP.

50p Veteran Car 1908 Grand Prix Austin No. 2, 04/02/1980  Booklet,

SG: UMFB15, xe6, FB11B,
STN: VB23a, FP34, M132c,
MBPC: DP38, DB9(11)A
Deegam: S13,

M132c - Short Phosphor Band Bottom Right. Stoneham Catalogue 2017 price for Pane FP34 is £15

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Tags: SG-UMFB15-xe6, FB11B-STN-VB23a-FP34, MBPC: DP38A-DB9(11)A, E1, PPPP, Extra Fine, S13, M132c, 1908 Grand Prix Austin, Two White spots Left of Bust